Sunday, January 12, 2014



We have just passed the Western New Year date of January 1, and are approaching (January 31) the Chinese New Year.  I like to use this calendar designation because the Chinese system overlaps with zodiac signs, all animals, which point to a theme for the year. We are just moving out of the Year of the Snake into the Year of the Horse.  What might this suggest to us?

Horse are primarily modes of good and quick transportation, so is a symbol of traveling, but also a because they get you to where you want to go, sign of speedy success. Horses are also symbols of competition. The pursue freedom, passion and leadership. Horses are social animals, with the herd, l but also in company of humans both as transporters and military collaborators.

Chinese wouldn't let horse to the farm work. Instead, all the farmland jobs go to the ox. This is because Chinese have higher expectation on horses. Horses can help human to reach a goal or win the battle. Horses are intelligent but still needs to be trained to become useful to human.

For us then, we are alerted this year to themes of:
    •    transportation and travel, getting swiftly to our destinations
    •    learning more to live together and protect and promote our “herd”
    •    demonstrating leadership
    •    engaging in brave endeavours in support of ourselves and others
    •    displaying our intelligence and being open to training and discipline
More on this to come.

Yours in the Dharma,                          
from Akashaloka,                  
Innen, doshu
om namo amida butsu                      


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