Sunday, January 19, 2014


Horsing Around- Part 2

When you ride a horse, you are as much the passenger as the master. Riding is a negotiated agreement between you and a half-ton creature with a mind of its own. Just ask Ian Millar. He never failed to acknowledge the respectful relationship between he and his beloved Big Ben.

This year we are reminded of this as we consider our sangha. We are a growing and energetic youngster ( a mere 10 years old!)  who is trying to find its footing. We have strength, energy and spirit. We do, however, need training and care.
Over the weekend I outlined some of the changes and challenges we face as we enter our second decade. Have a look at the Directions 2014 tab above for more on that. I was heartened by the positive reaction, creativity and excitement that followed in our conversation. There is reason to feel confidence in where we are headed.

If you missed the live talk, I encourage you to check out the text of the talk and the list of ideas. It is my hope this will call to you in two different ways. First, I re-iterate my personal invitation for you to attend our practice sessions in Pembroke, where we will dedicate most of our energy this year. We will promise more of the same authentic and accessible practice and teaching you have participated in or heard about. Secondly, I welcome your suggestions and ideas about how we can present the Buddha-way in the most dynamic and engaging way possible for our local community. Our sangha will grow and thrive because its participants care about the Dharma and dedicate energy to help Red Maple deliver its message widely. Mount up!

Yours in the Dharma,                          
from Akashaloka,                  
Innen, doshu
om namo amida butsu 


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