Tuesday, June 02, 2015


We welcomed a new Dharma friend last week.  Alan McAllister is a practitioner from the Bancroft area who has reached out to our sangha. He and his wife, Ilda, joined us for practice and a wonderful exchange of ideas.
Alan brought with him a couple of first-rate additions to our library:

  • Experience The Dharma, by Bhikkhu Khippapanno. This is a solid presentation of Theravadin teaching combined with a Q/A section. This teacher is from the Burmese Mahasi tradition. Very thorough.
  • The Attentive Mind Workbook: Self-healing Through Meditation is Alan’s original book. The book is divided into four parts: Finding Happiness Amidst Suffering; The Paths to Mental Suffering; The Path to Liberation from Mental Suffering and The Path to Happiness. This a mix of familiar ideas and lots of Alan’s original thought based on decades of Dharma practice, especially meditation.

The Attentive Mind Workbook 

To learn more about Alan's work and services:  http://www.attentivemind.ca/index.html

We look forward to sharing and practicing with these friends again soon.

Yours in the Dharma,                          
Innen, doshu
om namo amida butsu