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Saturday, January 20, 2018


Hi Sangha and Friends, .

We held our Annual Intentions service this morning. The details are posted on the Intentions link above.
We were additionally supported by this new gift from our Dharma-brother, Koshin Bower.This wooden plaque, shown here, beside our altar KwanYin is a meritorious presence. 
He writes:
This is an o-fuda. At the completion of my Shido-kegyo (advanced clerical training in Japan) I hand wrote several of these. They are talismans meant to inspire and protect. They are manifestations of Fudo-myo-o (see link below)

We bow in thanks to Koshin and appreciate his support.

for more on Fudo read here: http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/fudo.html

in the Dharma, 
Innen, doshu
Jiho, doshu-in-training

Thursday, January 04, 2018


On behalf of myself, Jiho and our families ,

We all have our reasons to celebrate the passing year and we all have our challenges as we move into the New Year. The Buddha-dharma offers us an unparalleled resource to accompany us into the coming year,and may we wish you and your families all the very best .

The great Japanese teacher, Nichiren, writes:
making offerings at the beginning of the New Year is like cherry blossoms blooming from the trees, a lotus unfolding in a pond, sandalwood leaves in the Snow Mountains or the new moon beginning to rise.

We wish you all the best as this new year, like a new moon, rises over your lives, and blossoms like the cherry trees.

May you find joy and wisdom in this coming year,
Innen and Jiho
Red Maple Tendai Sangha
Renfrew, Ontario
January 1, 2018
om namu amida butsu