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Saturday, January 07, 2012


Hi Sangha and Friends,

This morning was out first shared practice in 3 weeks after our end of year break. Although we were joined by two new folks, one who has no sitting experience, we found a strong and quiet foundation with ease. There is something untouchable about shared practice. The determination and effort of many body-minds seems to act to reinforce the creaky distractedness that arise after a time away. I never fail to be impressed by the tenderness and intimacy of shared practice. Even with new practice mates, we find a place of familiarity, perhaps its our shared purpose. In Pure Land teaching there is a quality of simpleness, where letting go of complex thoughts or concepts frees us up to be open enough to benefit from our reaching out for our Buddhahood. Keep it simple really is our motto. 

.... in the Dharma, Innen, doshu

1 comment:

  1. That was a great way to start the New Year !
    I believe Flowing Rivers will also have a new attendee this Wednesday! Sharing the Dharma is so important.