Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is a message I shared with about 50 friends and grads today
Greetings mindful-friend,

We held our CYM Week &/Grad Reunion this past weekend and it was a huge success. There were about a dozen each of current participants and grads. Thanks to all who made it such a success.

A couple of follow-up details:

1. the CHC will work towards another “reunion” event, likely sometime on a Saturday in late February at the Marg again;
2. there is a ‘germ’ of an idea to establish another bi-weekly drop-in practice group which would alternate between Renfrew and Pembroke/Beachburg
3. I have re-started the mindfulness blog and will re-work it over the next few months to present
a. Announcements of any events or training I hear of for the general area (Renfrew County, not Ottawa)
b. Resources of use to practitioners
c. “mini-lessons” for people developing a practice
d. A forum for comment or Q/A for anyone working on their practice.

More of this will happen if there are others who are interested in helping out (salary range $0.00 to 0.00, with no benefits other than satisfaction). If you have some time and energy. Let me know.

We are the small but leading edge of bringing these invaluable practices to our lives and the lives of others. I welcome everyone who wants to make mindfulness more of a force in our communities.

The “new” BMINDFUL Blog is at http://www.bmindful.blogspot.com

You are invited to share this information with all you know who may have an interest in mindfulness meditation in Renfrew

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