Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Miracle of Dharma

We were astonished to discover a Yellow Lady’s Slipper along the Circle Walk on Monday morning. This is a a relatively rare and delicate plant that appears only occasionally in this area. The timing is rather special. I had just moved the Buddha head to a location near the apple trees. A few days later, this flower appeared. I have posted a photo below.

The Lady’s Slipper was so-named as a reference to "Lady chapels" that appeared in mediaeval Europe, the Lady of course being the Virgin. Perhaps we can connect it with our own celestial lady, Kwan Yin.

That this should appear here of all places and of all years reminds me of the miracle of the Dharma.

We have a verse that says:

" The Dharma is vast and deep,
Perfectly penetrating and rare to encounter,
Through numberless kalpas.
Now we can see it, open and attain it.
We vow to attain the Tathagatha’s true teaching."

That we in this small and isolated community, so far from the Dharma homelands, have this opportunity to learn and practice the Dharma is rare indeed. Perhaps the appearance of our Slipper may inspire your practice.

Innen, doshu

Om namo amida butsu

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