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Here's what's happening at Red Maple Tendai Sangha 
for the Winter of 2018

    Our single scheduled practice sessions for January is:
    • SATURDAY FEBRUARY 17th , 9.00-11.00 am; This will be a full Tendai service with a Rededication Service and Dharma talk. We will suspend our precept study for 3 months, while we complete our annual  intentions events.
    • PLEASE NOTE: This is a time of transition for RMTS. Although we have only the one formal session this month, anyone who would like to join Innen for some informal practice on an evening or weekend, can contact him for arrangements.

    The Program starts at 9.00 am in our Renfrew Chapel location (see below)

    • TEXT VERSION: You can read the complete dharma Talk for the previous month by clicking the link above
    • PODCAST: We will post a podcast of the latest Dharma talks on our Podcast Site, Red Maple-casts
    We are located at 92 Lorne Street North (just past Tracey's Dairy) in the West end of Renfrew, just off Munroe Street (look for Valley Bytes on Raglan Street)

    Om namu amida butsu,                       
    Innen, doshu
    (Ray Parchelo) 

    and Jiho, doshu-in-training
    (Cam Duff)                         
    Red Maple Tendai Sangha