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Here's what's happening at Red Maple Tendai Sangha 
for the Spring and Summer of 2018

    Our single scheduled practice sessions for May through August is:
    • SATURDAY MAY 5th , 9.00-10.15 am; This will be our Vesak Celebration. This is the traditional celebration of the birth of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni.

    The Program starts at 9.00 am at the space IN PEMBROKE, 
    at the Heritage Manor Retirement facility,
    located at 1111 Pembroke St. W.
    near the Value Village outlet.

    We are planning a social event for Pembroke on June 23,since Innen, Jiho and Johanna will all be away during the early part of the month.
    The June event will conclude our program for the summer. We will resume again in September.

    Om namu amida butsu,                       
    Innen, doshu
    (Ray Parchelo) 

    and Jiho, doshu-in-training
    (Cam Duff)                         
    Red Maple Tendai Sangha